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Applications for housing and pets

Housing  Download Application

IF YOU ARE OFFERED AN APARTMENT,  you will be asked to provide the following documents:

Your original Social Security Card
A copy of your Birth Certificate and current Driver's License
A copy of your Social Security/SSI Benefit letters
Copies of pay check stubs (if you are employed) from the past 2 months
Copies of proof of any other source of regular income
Copies of farm land or property rental agreements that you may have
A copy of your most recent bank statement(s) showing balances for all checking and savings accounts, and any CD's that you may have
The most recent Property Tax statements for any property that you may own
Copies of your most recent statements for any annuities, IRA's, stocks/bonds, retirement plans, investments, etc
Copies of any out-of-pocket medical expenses you may have such as health insurance premiums, monthly prescriptions, medical/dental bills, etc. This applies if you are over the age of 62, or disabled

Download Application

Pet ownership by public housing tenants is allowed, subject to compliance with the requirements set forth in this policy. Please check below to view our pet policy.

Residents wanting to keep pets must apply to the Housing Authority using the Pet Application Form. Applications will be processed within thirty (30) days, provided all required documentation is submitted.

Approval and denial of pet applications shall be in writing. Approvals will be accompanied by a lease amendment the resident will be required to sign. Denials will include the reason for denial. Pets are not allowed to reside at Public Housing sites and within Public Housing units until the resident receives authorization from the Housing Authority.

Pet ownership by public housing tenants is allowed, along with assistive animals, subject to compliance with the requirements set forth in the policies below.